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Technology International Inc. offers in situ EMC testing services for a wide variety of products and applications.

Testing is performed at your facility or a final installation location. In many cases, testing at the customer site represents a cost saving over lab testing. Additionally, we try to leverage previous test results and eliminate any duplication of testing.

In fact, more than 60% of companies over test for compliance, for one reason or another.

This should NOT be the case. Laws offer alternative routes to compliance and some are certainly more cost-effective than others.

What this basically means to you is that we can certify your equipment with minimal testing - saving you both time and money.

In many cases, there is no need to ship your equipment and staff to test labs. We bring testing to you, especially when the equipment is large or requires special services. Working with our Notified Body, we can, in many cases, certify products even if test results are outside the limits of the standards.

You will find this testing flexibility:

  • reduces testing
  • lowers testing costs
  • eliminates the hassles of shipping, coordinating testing, and sending staff to manage the test effort
  • offers flexibility with testing levels
  • reduces liability of something happening to your test equipment outside of your control

For further information on our EMC Testing Services please contact us at the telephone numbers below, or by following this link

M I U M Phone (804) 794 4144 | Toll Free (800) 810-9000 | Fax (804) 794-4166